20150830 "Memoriam from Consitibor" by G. C. Wagenseir (Rachel Crozier/violin, John Lebitsch/trombone, Maureen Butler/Organ)

20150614 "Peace is flowing like a river" by Junior Choir

20150524 "TAPS" on Memorial Day
20141221 "Advent-Tide" Solo (Richard Trunk)

20141214 "Ave Marie" Solo (Franz Schubert)

20141214 "Emmanuel" Introit by Junior Choir (Hearn/McGee)

20141207 "Come now, O Prince of Peace" (Geonyong Lee/tr. Marian Pope

20141207 "Lost in the Night" Nordic hymn/Finnish Folk Tune/Tr. Olav Lee)

20141130 "Come Emmanuel" (Nancy Price/Don Besig)

20141123 "Via Dolorosa" (Niles Borop/Bill Sprague, arr. Tom Fettke)

20141116 "What a Friend we have in Jesus" (arr., Charles McCartha) 

20141109 "Teach me, O Lord" (Gordon Young)

20141102 "I'll Praise My Maker While I've Breath" (Hal Hopson)

20141026 "Amen Siakudumisa" (Children's Choir)

20141026 "God gave me eyes" (Children's Choir) 

20141019 Communion Hymn "Go down, Moses" (Family Choir)

20141019 Anthem "Halle, Halle, Hallelujah" (Family Choir)

20141012 Anthem "At Thy Feet" (J. S. Bach), soloist Elizabeth Fraccalossi

20141012 Trombone solo "Communion" (Louis Vierne) played by John Lebitsch

20141005 Anthem: Make me an instrument of your peace (Dale Grotenhuis)

20141005 Hymn: Lord, make us instruments of your peace

20140928 "The Torah Song"

20140928 "Lead us, Our Father" Arthur Sullivan)

20140921 "Ev'ry Day Will I Give Thanks" (G.F. Handel);soloist Danielle Woerner 

20140921 "Christ is Made the Sure Foundation" (Dale Wood)

20140907 "Now let us all praise God and sing"

20140907 T'is The Gift To Be Simple

20140824 "Dank sei dir" (Praise be to Thee) Jody Weatherstone

20140817 "Ave Maria" Ken Whitestone

20140803 "Communion" Trombone solo

20140209 Shall We Gather At the River  

20130728 Trombone/Piano on "Steal Away"

20130609 Na Sun playing Bach, Selection 2

20130609 Na Sun playing Bach. Selection 1

20130526 "TAPS" (Memorial Day Sunday) 

20130331 "Sound the Cymbals" (Easter)

20130329 "Surely He hath borne our griefs (Good Friday) 

20130324 "Blessed is the King" (Palm Sunday)

20130317 "Commit Your Life to the Lord"

20130313 "The Lord Bless You and Keep You"

20130313 "The Holy City" (solo)

20130303 "Come, come unto me" reprise

20130224 "I want Jesus to Walk with Me"

20130217 "Great Litany"

20130213 Ash Wednesday "Come, come unto me"