Tuxedo Park and Surrounding Area
St. Mary’s-in-Tuxedo is located within the gates of the Village of Tuxedo Park which was founded in 1885 by Pierre Lorillard who, with his friends, wanted to create a shooting and fishing preserve within easy access of New York City. It was the first planned community in the United States and soon became a year-round residential community. The renowned architect Bruce Price designed many of the original houses within Tuxedo Park and the entire Village has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places principally due to its excellent late 19th and early 20th century architecture. The Village comprises 2,050 acres, three lakes, with about 350 homes. 

Tuxedo Park is a village in the town of Tuxedo, approximately 40 miles northwest of New York City. The town is located in a narrow valley between Harriman State Park and Sterling Forest State Park. It is a truly beautiful spot.

Tuxedo is a small town at the edge of the New York Metropolitan area. About three quarters of the land area of the Town is permanent open space. Tuxedo Park is an incorporated self governing village within the town of Tuxedo.

The George Mason Elementary School and the George F. Baker High School comprise the public schools of Tuxedo. There is an independent day school, Tuxedo Park School, (grades pre K through nine) located in Tuxedo Park. Various religious, Montessori, and non-sectarian schools are available in nearby communities. Several colleges and universities are nearby, including the United States Military Academy at West Point, which is to the northeast.

The town library is an excellent and well-used resource. There are several major shopping centers nearby. Recreational facilities in the surrounding area include public golf courses, ski areas, shooting ranges, hiking, and The Wee Wah Beach Club on one of Tuxedo Park’s lakes, which for a small fee is available to all residents of the Hamlet and Park.

The Tuxedo Club, founded by Pierre Lorillard in 1885, is a private golf and tennis family club and is located in the center of Tuxedo Park. Volunteer organizations include The Tuxedo Ambulance Corps, The Tuxedo Park Fire Department, The Tuxedo Park Historical Society, The Silver Dollars Senior Organization, and the Tuxedo Performing Arts Group.

Tuxedo’s nearest neighbor, five miles to the south, is the Village of Sloatsburg and beyond that begin the suburbs of the New York Metropolitan Area. About ten miles to the north are the Villages of Harriman and Monroe which mark the southern valley of Orange County, one of the fastest growing areas in New York State.