Parish Staff and Committee Chairs

Interim Pastor

The Reverend Bruce Woodcock 
(845) 351-5122, ext. 22 
(845) 915-3202

Parish Administrator

Lisa Favia
(845) 351-5122

Organist and Director of Music

Jimrae Lenser

Section Leaders:
Aileen Mahoney
Barbara Anderson
Ken Whiteman
Peter Knight

Christian Education for Children    

Prudence Thurston 

Paluma Hekl, Childcare
Cindy Dinan, Childcare


Ida Payne, Head of School/Teacher for 4 year olds
Amanda Rabolli, Teacher  3 year olds
Sharlene Pizza, Teacher for 2 year olds
Kathy Wright, Mommy and Me Jubilee
Cindy Dinan, Assistant Teacher for 4 year olds
Michele Kayser, Assistant Teacher for 2 and 3 year olds


Tony Mirabile 

Committee Chairpersons 

Treasurer: Frank Favia
Assistant Treasurer: Andy Jackson

Altar Guild/Virgina Davis Flower: Wendy Favia
Pastoral Care: Jane Garofano
Outreach: Sue Heywood   
Search Committee:  Lili Neuhauser & Greg Stevens, Co-Chairs